I. Business Assessment & Advisory Services
  1. Due diligence with emphasis on evaluating marketing strengths and weaknesses. Analyze available consumer and market information and develop questions to obtain additional data if required. Assess competitive landscape. Provide actionable insights based on above.
  2. Analysis of business plans and options for potential acquirers. When requested, evaluation of key people.
II. Improving Clients' Communications Development
    Assess existing practices and provide concrete proposals to improve strategy setting and creative approval processes.
III. Investment Counsel
    Evaluate target prospects in terms of consumer marketing position, competitive insulation, acquisition/investment value criteria and possible investment partners.
For each engagement and depending on its scope and client needs, The Geier Group assembles a team of senior professionals with in-depth knowledge and practitioner experience in the areas of focus, including marketing communications, brand positioning, media allocation and placement, sponsorship, executive talent appraisal, etc. Each of these professionals has over 30 years of hands on experience and are well known to each other. Led by Phil Geier, the customized team works together seamlessly and efficiently to quickly address the identified issues on an exclusive, noncompetitive and completely confidential basis for the duration of the engagement.


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