Recent Engagements

AD SPACE - Assisted this digital billboard company in developing company positioning documents and business plan; counseled on management infrastructure, potential acquirers/investors and introduced company to same.

COUPON BUG - Conducted due diligence of similar online coupon companies; advised company in developing their marketing communications platforms and online layout; counseled them on potential acquirers/investors, as well as made introductions to same.

CLEAR CHANNEL COMMUNICATIONS INC. - Advised this global radio conglomerate in how best to market their holdings to agencies on volume-basis. Provided survey research as well as insight on budget allocations, impediments and planning strategies.

COUPON BUG - Conducted due diligence of similar online coupon companies; advised company in developing their marketing communications platforms and online layout; counseled them on potential acquirers/investors, as well as made introductions to same.

CROSS MEDIA HOLDINGS (TeleAmerica Cable Network) - Exclusive unwired network platform that manages an array of media through targeted production planning and pricing algorythms. Provided consulting and brand positioning to improve growth through client/agency presentation technique and contact follow-through.

INDIVIDUAL DIGITAL - Online digital platform for membership organizations (ie, unions) that allows their members to connect with brands, retailers, products and other users for the purpose of saving money, earning money and paying dues. Advised on capital raises and aided in development of business model.

MISSION PRODUCTS - Assisted this athletic skincare startup from its early stage development through the financing stage. Aided in the development of business plan model; advised on brand-building and marketing communications layouts; and provided retail and financing introductions product.

OURSTAGE - Assisted this online multi-layered entertainment company to find radio and media platforms to run in conjunction with their various programs; counseled on marketing communications initiatives; as well as aided in finding and introducing new clients and investors.

PREPLAY - Advised on positioning and strategic financing to world's leading predictive game studio that creates mobile and tablet games designed and engineered to enhance the real-time experience of watching sports, reality, talent, and award shows on TV.

QUANTUM REWARDS - Advised on possible investors and purchasers for this new online and mobile consumer rewards redemption company for mobile ordering of tickets direct to local theaters.

UMAGINATION - Assisted this consumer product innovation lab start-up in identifying promising marketing partners and provided introductions to same. Reviewed product placements and counseled on potential partnership opportunities, as well as introduced them to potential investors.

VOTERINTEL - Provided contacts to campaign consultants and political candidates for this cloud-based technology company that offers suite of services to political campaigns for the collection, management and analysis of voter information.

Non-Profit Work

Various Government Programs - Over the years, Phil Geier has worked in conjunction with various NGOs and government agencies to help develop and promote policy initiatives and white papers addressing a variety of political, social, economic and environmental issues in various sectors. Some examples include:

  • Worked with several NGOs for the promotion of Free Speech in commercial advertising;
  • Developed a position paper and communications program in conjunction with the Ad Council for energy conservation on national level that was presented to the U.S. Secretary of Energy;
  • Put together several economic stimulus proposals over the years that were presented to high-level officials at the U.S. Treasury Department in two separate administrations, as well as an Asian country's economic council.
  • Most recently revised and published an updated economic stimulus proposal (see attached ad); and
  • Provided an immigration proposal format pre- the Senate's "Gang of Eight" meetings.

Work with Charitable Organizations - Phil Geier serves as director on the boards of several non-profit and charitable organizations, including Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Columbia Business School. In addition to serving in this capacity on a pro bono basis, he has worked with the organizations on the following projects:

  • Developed and geared marketing/communications campaigns targeting specific communities and creating awareness and name recognition for the various organizations; [i.e., Save the Children, Autism Speaks, Whitney Museum]
  • Assisted in the development of websites aiming to draw attention and fundraising for the organization, as well as overseeing an online community for the exchange of information and resources. [i.e., Autism Speaks, Save the Children]
  • Oversaw development of a communication program to aid on a specific global health initiative.[i.e., Save the Children's Survive to Five]


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