The Geier Group is a specialized consulting resource, devoted to providing marketing insights and perspective to improve a company's performance or to augment a potential investor's valuation assessment.

The Geier Group helps answer the tough questions concerning the marketing dimensions of a business, to complement internal financial and other quantitative analyses, thereby leading to more accurate valuations, better decisions and improved results. Such assessments include:

— Brand Positioning
— Marketing Communications Planning
— Advertising Development & Approval Processes
— Competitive Insulation, etc

to complement financial and other quantitative assessments, leading to better decisions and improved results.


Too often, company analysis focuses on the more easily quantified financial dimensions of a business, while overlooking or giving short shrift to those elements that drive top line growth and brand endurance. The Geier Group is specifically geared to addressing these pivotal questions.


— Phil Geier, Chairman of The Geier Group LLC

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